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New Growth

The Story ......... So far!

The idea behind Grow Cook Eat Create was to have a ‘normal’ place with people doing ordinary things.


A place that was safe and inviting. Somewhere people could get together with others and connect, make friends, rekindle old friendships, be valued, learn new skills, learn about healthy eating and budgeting and using the Community Kitchen spirit, as the vehicle for this.

The Shire of Harvey believed the vision was worth pursuing and has provided the use of a kitchen, room and outdoor area.  Patrick Quinlivan, Manager Community & Economic Development, Shire of Harvey and Richard Duke, Centre Manager Leschenault Leisure Centre need to be recognised for their help in trialling the concept and watch it grow over time.

We have recently become an NDIS provider and are looking forward to providing a number of access programs for members of our communities.

Our future is filled with endless possibilities. We can see GCECI opening in other venues around the Greater Bunbury area and being accessible to a whole new group of participants.

We have so many ideas of how to build this into a fabulously vibrant hub and am surrounded by so many like minded, positive, supportive people that I do not think this is in any way unrealistic.



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