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"Community inclusion and participation that makes a difference"

Located at the Leschenault Leisure Centre, Grow Cook Eat Create Inc offers you the opportunity to engage with other like-minded members from your community while taking part in cooking, craft and garden activities and other special events. GCEC also aims to develop and cultivate good values and skills that will lead to positive outcomes in all our members.

We actively encourage the 'ability' of those participating and focus on developing our strengths, passions, and expertise. 


At the Tip of Your Fingers

Planting Plants


We have a delicious sensory and edible garden. Partstarted developing our outside garden. This venture has been approved by the Shire of Harvey and is being supported by the Leschenault Men's Shed. At a recent meeting Warrick Done, Dry Operations Manager LLC along with Eric Browne and William Berfton from the Leschenault Men's Shed met with Debbie Woodward and Luke Tymchishyn to discuss the garden and its establishment.


What do we really grow? We grow fresh and nutritious food with a well thought out plan of raised garden beds for disability access, "what are we really growing"?


Our participants range through people with disability, mental health issues, elderly, lonely and other marginalised members of our community and it is our participants who grow though their whole experience of contact with GCEC.


GCEC is more than just a place to be, although it can be just that. GCEC offers opportunity for development of passions, interests and skills. A place to learn and share and belong. Somewhere welcoming, inviting even. We offer generosity and kindness, and respect is of the utmost importance.


Think of all the simple skills in the everyday task of cooking. But can you imagine the glow of self-achievement when someone boils an egg for themselves, or sets a table neatly? Can you slice a tomato? How would you show someone how to hold a sharp knife safely?


How and where do you eat? Do you eat alone or do you share a meal with colleagues?


We also share our cooking skills and recipes and what we know about eating healthily and tips we have collected along our unique lives. We listen to music, colour and make art or craft and pick our own produce. Sometimes we play Wok and Roll music while we cook.


We connect Support Workers and share new ideas about how to enhance each other’s lives.


As a unique program which has important social and community impacts, the Grow Cook Eat Create group has the encouragement and support of a number of local businesses, council members and other community organisations.


Any donation would help us to provide our participants with a magnificent opportunity to access and develop skills and passions in the kitchen and our garden and we look forward sharing our growing story with you.

New Growth

"What are we really growing?"




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